Diventa multiproprietario a San Vito Lo capo

Imagine waking up so...


for a family to secure a relaxing break throughout the year is an economically important commitment… Often it comes spending a considerable sum to buy a property that will be used for one month a year, without considering the management costs and tax charges. The other option, indeed, is to condemn ourselves every year to spend money on a hotel room or an apartment in a holiday village.

With us you can buy only the time of year that you actually need. The acquisition cost is much lower and also the management costs, because the annual costs are divided among all owners.
This is the system of timeshare and this is what the Multierice can do for you.


>Buy timeshares with Multierice means:

selettoreTake Ownership of your vacation!

Buy only the period that you use guaranteeing you a prestigious property that is reevaluated over time with the assurance of the notarial deed.
Then you eliminate organizational problems, maintenance and tax charges and tax that weigh on second home.

selettoreAre you a tourist not by chance ?

Guarantee yourself to always spend an exclusive holiday that you can freely use, rent or resell.
Eliminates forever expenses for hotels and resorts.
The direct management of facilities for a perfect maintenance at low cost

... and then there is also the exclusive opportunity to exchange the period and the location of your holiday

Enter the exclusive circuit Multierice holidays.

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With an investment payable in monthly installments without interests you will guarantee yourself a real passport to the world secured by INTERVAL INTERNATIONAL, leader in vacation exchange. At any time you change the time and the location of your vacation choosing between more than 2,500 resorts in 100 countries worldwide. With the exclusive opportunity to exchange both the period that the location of your vacation.

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