The view of San Vito surrounding the village Calamancina.
inside the village San Vito, The pool is the center of village life
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Experiencing San Vito Lo Capo

and the surrounding territory

born as a fishing village, protected from storms thanks to a smooth gulf, today San Vito Lo Capo is one of the most important Sicilian beaches, able to fascinate for its clear waters and the picturesque setting of the bay surrounding it.

Located on a "Cape", between the Natural Reserve of Zingaro and to Mount Cofano, the village of San Vito Lo Capo developed originally as a resting place for pilgrims who came to venerate St. Vito Martyr. The cult of San Vito is also connected with the Chapel of Saint Crescentia, located on the road that reach the village. According to a story it was built on the site where a landslide killed Crescentia, the nurse of the Saint. In recent years, San Vito Lo Capo has grown thanks to summer tourism, with restaurants and facilities, but until not long time ago, the people of this country was dedicated almost exclusively to fishing. Until the middle of 1600, was also active Tonnara del Secco, one of the many who were in Sicily, dedicated to harvesting and processing the bluefin tuna.

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The Zingaro Nature Reserve

not far away from San Vito, the Zingaro Nature Reserve enchant thanks to a scenery made of cliffs dropping down into the sea and uncontaminated, breathtaking "Calette": small coves with white sand and clear blue water. It is beautiful in spring, when you can take long walks, and in summer, when filled of sea lovers and divers, the Zingaro Nature Reserve is the oldest and best known of the 11 reserves in the province of Trapani.
The Zingaro also become a refuge for many species of birds, especially for raptors which are able here to find food and shelter, electing this place as the favorite for nesting: Peregrine Falcons, Buzzards, Kestrels, Ravens, Buntings Blacks , Passeri solitary and even a pair of rare Bonelli's eagle.There are many amateurs who attend the Zingaro Nature Reserve for birdwatching, as many are also people who love to dive and admire the many species of fish that inhabit the underwater caves and the seabed. If you want to enjoy a day of sun and sea, in an uncontaminated paradise, where man can really enter in harmony with nature, then the Zingaro Nature Reserve is the place.

Inside the reserve, you will find several footpaths, with routes of variables length created to admire the beautiful landscapes, surrounded by the typical Mediterranean vegetation, the Zingaro, is an explosion of forms, with its 700 species cataloged, including a score of endemic and rare species: Ash tree, Laurel, Mauve, Prickly Pear, Caper bush, Fennel and Carrubbo. You can also find Oleastro, Mastic, Agave and Palmetto.

Experiencing the Province of Trapani

The province of Trapani is a perfect blend of natural beauty with a vast repertoire of historical and cultural interest. Surrounded by clear blue sea, the province invites you to an unforgettable summer days, but the conspicuous variety of beautiful and magic places allows the city to be a popular destination all year round ...

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